Our wellness ministry is lead by Sister Sandra Nelson She offers Mental Health and CPR classes. She also offers private counseling to individuals who are in need of help.

Please check back with us, if interested in any services please feel free to contact us.

We are Probation Certified

Recovery doesn't have to be hard. We care!

  If you suffer from any of these issues we can help.

  • Alcohol & Drug Rehab & Education

  • Anger issues and in need of Anger Management

  • Need Parenting Skills

  • In need of Health Education

  • Families in Transition

  • Marriage and Relationship Counseling

  • Mentoring

 For more details or to set up an appointment contact:

Rev Mike Jones 559-455-8004 - Program Director

Sandra Nelson 559-644-6696 - APRN/CAC Clinical Coordinator

Min Mike Jones speaking at Celebrate Recovery at 

West McKinley Church Fresno Ca. 

  We focus on life and are a faith-based community service to people in need; regardless of language, status, or culture.  

One on One Counseling 
Private & Confidential 
We focus on your healing and recovery, we care about your life and we are here to assist you in making better choices and decisions that will help you in your recovery and leading a healthy and productive future.
We encourage and inspire you with the love of Christ and do not discriminate in any way. 

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